What Are The Best Alternatives To IDM For MacBook?

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is one of the most popular downloaders out there as it makes it easy to download and manage large files from different sources. However, IDM is not available for MAC users. Some alternative download managers specifically designed for MacBook users provide the same speed as IDM provides.

idm alternatives for macbook


One such download manager is Folx, which not only helps you to download files from the web but also allows you to resume downloads in case of any interruptions. It also provides a split-download feature that divides large files into smaller segments and then downloads them separately at faster speeds. Additionally, it has the capability of downloading torrents without needing a separate torrent client. It can also integrate with your web browsers to provide a more seamless downloading experience.

Folx download


Another alternative is EagleGet, which can also help speed up your downloads. It comes with an intelligent file segmentation feature that divides large files into smaller parts and then downloads them in parallel for faster speeds. Additionally, it integrates with Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Edge for a more seamless downloading experience. It also supports batch downloads and scheduling of downloads to suit your needs.

EagleGet Download

For Mac users who are looking for an alternative to IDM Crack 2024, these download managers provide the same features but with a better user interface that’s specifically designed for MacBooks. So if you’re looking to download files faster and more conveniently, these are great solutions. You can read more articles about IDM Crack 2024 from our Blog Section and fix your problems related to IDM with yourself.

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When it comes to downloading large files on a Mac, numerous download managers provide the same speed as (Internet Download Manager) IDM. Folx and EagleGet are two of the most popular alternatives that come with features such as file segmentation and batch downloads, as well as integration with web browsers for a more seamless experience. Thus, these downloaders can be a great solution for Mac users who need to manage their downloads more efficiently. You can Reset IDM Trial by following the steps.

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